The Teams!


Our first Startup Weekend Lawrence is complete, and we’re so thrilled with the innovation and creativity of the teams!

Here’s a recap:

This team built a mobile app called PhotoNote that allows college students to take a picture of notes about an assignment and keep track of when their projects are due by date and level of priority. This team won the Judges’ Choice award and got to take home a prize package meant to help their team take the next steps to continue with their startup: free office space, legal and accounting services, and design/print help. They also won a rad bowling trophy.

This team worked on some technology that would allow students to use a scientific calculator on a smartphone instead of the expensive TI-84 calculator. This software would allow the teacher or test administrator to turn off whatever features they wanted restrict during a test, such as the camera function, web browsing, and texting. This team was selected by the audience and also won a bowling trophy.

Painted Memories
This team proposed a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem. Everyone has hundreds (or thousands) of photos stored on their computers, phones, and social media accounts. Painted Memories can take those photos and create original hand-painted works of art.


Sustainable Illumination
This team collaborated to develop solar-powered street lamps that would be tied into a network and could save a community money, reduce environmental impact, and communicate with people on the street through flashing and color-changing lights.


This team developed a non-profit organization that would provide personal finance and student loan education to high school seniors. They wanted to work with the 17 US states that require schools to offer personal finance lessons to high schoolers, but don’t have high quality options right now.


We are so proud and impressed by the high quality of the startups these teams developed over a short 54 hour period. We’ve heard that several of the teams intend to work together after this weekend to further build out the concept and core technologies. Thank you to everyone who participated or came to watch the final presentations this evening!